[TowerTalk] Tower regulatory climate in Fort Collins - Loveland, CO area

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Why not contact the local radio club in the preferred neighborhood or 
district and then contact the local jurisdiction permits and code 
enforcement agency.  Between the two you'll get plenty of history on 
previous failed and successful ham radio tower projects.

Good Luck,

p.s.sounds like useful info that clubs could have posted on their web sites 
for new hams and those moving into the area.
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> If it's a question of law, I'd consult a lawyer.  If it's about buying
> and selling, a realtor.  (Keeping in mind that realtors by default are
> working for the *seller* and their income depends on making sales
> quickly and at a high price!)
> Ham radio antennas are a special thing.  Most lawyers and realtors
> won't know anything about those issues.  A lawyer can do research, but
> you will pay him/her to learn on the job.  So, by all means read all
> the serious ham antenna/legal resources you can find like K1VR's.
> You can help with the research and carefully read any deed
> restrictions, but you may need help to interpret them.
> What a good local lawyer will know (and some realtors, too) is the
> local political environment.  How to work the local Zoning Commission,
> which wheels need to be greased, if you need a variance, etc.  If
> you're new to a community, you need that kind of advice.  Relying on a
> mailing list or even the advice of other local hams may only be worth
> what you pay for it.
> 73 Martin AA6E
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