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On a similar note, this explains to me why there are soooo many, "stupid guy", commercials.
You know the ones I'm talking about, where the guy is shown as a complete: bozo, dumbhead, is stupidly arrogant, or even devious to the extent of openly lying and the woman is the "all knowing", completely cool individual.  Even my wife complains about some of them.  


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The local weather guy told my service club luncheon that all those
shows, and especially the evening news, is tempered and shaped
for a target audience - namely 20-40 year old women who control
the purse in most homes.    I think that goes a long way to explaining
what you guys find objectionable - and I agree with all the objections.
It is not about truth or information - it is about entertainment.

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Rick Stealey wrote:
>This show must have been written by a seventh grade journalism class.

The networks treat viewers as if they are imbiciles or sex starved males


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