[TowerTalk] Beware Idiom Press

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One month is too short a time.  Give him at least 3 months to turn things


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Has anyone noticed an improvement with this company since Rob's email of
July 3, 2008?  Comments posted on eham and my experience indicate no
improvement.  Anybody have comments?


Greetings all,

This is Rob, W7GH from Idiom Press.  I took over the day-to-day running of
the business from my father Bob W9KNI several months ago.

I've made several rookie mistakes in running Idiom Press.  I made the
mistake of not having enough inventory at Dayton this year, and I've been
dealing with a backlog ever since.  I've been working like crazy to catch
up, and I should be caught up by the end of next week.

I realize that I've been difficult to reach lately, and I apologize to all
the people whom I've inconvenienced.  Once I'm caught up, then customer

service will be much more prompt.  In the meantime I'm doing the best that I

- Rob W7GH
Idiom Press


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