[TowerTalk] Antenna Selection Assistance

Joe - WDØM joe at wd0m.com
Mon Jul 28 17:34:42 EDT 2008

For the record - I had a controller fail - Mike, K7IR, at SteppIR sent a 
replacement, no questions asked.  I also had an EHU fail - again, Mike 
sent a replacement gratis.  I've had nothing but exceptional service.  
Mike also has called me directly to inquire about my satisfaction with 
the products.  Anyone else have the president of a company call them to 
inquire about their satisfaction?  I'll never switch to any other 
antenna system. 

If there is an issue with "nonexistent customer service", I submit that 
someone with the problem must be doing it wrong. 

I really like my old SteppIR 4L with the 40/30 meter add on, for the record.


Joe Hannigan - WDØM
Pagosa Springs, CO


AI1P Matt Steven wrote:
> An anecdote on the SteppIR since it came up a few times- a local ham had 
> half an element simply fall off of his, pulling the metal strip out and 
> leaving him with a 2 1/2 element beam and an un-retractable metal strip 
> flapping in the wind.
> When he inquired as to the possibility of getting replacement parts to 
> fix it he was pretty much ignored.  It's getting to be something of a 
> running joke around here how he's not able to get customer service at 
> all for this.
> Failures can be forgiven but the inability to fix one due to nonexistent 
> customer service and hard to find parts rules that one out for this ham.
> I really like my old A3S for the record.
> 73
> ai1p
>  > W1KSZ Wrote:
>> If you could put up only ONE antenna to cover 20 to 10 Mtrs (including
>> WARC), what would you select ?
>> The antenna will go on top of an LM-470.
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