[TowerTalk] Are there Hazers for other towers than 25G?

Dennis Petrich radioart at charter.net
Tue Jul 29 21:52:49 EDT 2008

Hello all,

I'm interested in putting up a 60' or 70' tower with a Hazer on it but all I 
can seem to find is the Hazer by GlenMartin for the 25G tower?  Is that the 
only size of Hazer anyone makes?  I kind of wanted a little bigger tower, 
like 45G or something that size.  I plan to put up about 12 to 14sq' of 
antenna and thought 25G might be too small? (4ele Steppir with 40M)

So any comments from those of you in the know would be appreciated.

Thanks,  Dennis, k0eoo 

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