[TowerTalk] Are there Hazers for other towers than 25G?

Bill Winkis kc4pe at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 30 08:14:05 EDT 2008

Hazer used to make one for the 45G tower, then they stopped making 
it...I wonder why...??  I also would like to hear about hazer type devices.....
A year or two ago a gentleman sent me some pictures of his "Box" that 
traveled outside a 45G in a angle iron track..looked great but he was 
a "Snow-Bird" and I lost touch with him....


At 09:52 PM 7/29/2008, Dennis Petrich wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm interested in putting up a 60' or 70' tower with a Hazer on it but all I
>can seem to find is the Hazer by GlenMartin for the 25G tower?  Is that the
>only size of Hazer anyone makes?  I kind of wanted a little bigger tower,
>like 45G or something that size.  I plan to put up about 12 to 14sq' of
>antenna and thought 25G might be too small? (4ele Steppir with 40M)
>So any comments from those of you in the know would be appreciated.
>Thanks,  Dennis, k0eoo
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