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Dennis: You will find different opinions here on many subjects however I
believe there is almost uniform opinion on guying crankup towers. Don't do
it. That puts additional stress on the lifting cables when horizontal force
is applied to the tower.  73. Dan, N5AR

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Hello all,

I want to thank everyone who took the time to answer my request for Hazer

I received much food for thought; regarding what I'm going to do, be it some
form of Hazer setup or a guyed crank-up tower I don't know....

Again, thanks!

Dennis, k0eoo

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>I have had and still do , Have Hazers on both of my towers and  am going to
> install 2 more on 2 other towers. I have had some problems but  nothing
> that
> would make me not use them. I have had them loaded to the max and  they
> worked
> great. I have found that if you put a small antenna that does not  weight
> much
> the Hazer will get stuck in a location or two but a pull on a guy  wire
> and it
> comes down ok.
>   I have the guys mounted on the bottom of the Hazer  . I have a fiend
> that
> has one and we mounted a sent of guys below the Hazer with  3 sections of
> cable that goes down below and has 3 more guys attached  to a  frame that
> goes
> around the tower and when you crank the hazer up the lower guys  follow
> the hazer
> up . The tower is at 75' and has no problems at  all....
> just my 2 cents worth.......
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