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Sat Sep 6 10:54:19 EDT 2008

Scott MacKenzie wrote:
> Simple to use and reasonably accurate - and free is MMANA 
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> I have been considering various antenna design/analysis programs, such as
> the Teri software program.  I would like the groups opinions on the various
> pro's and con's of this and other antenna design/analysis programs.  This
> program would be used to analyze existing and proposed antenna combinations
> and designs.

I use 4nec2, also free, uses the NEC2 engine by default, has a graphical 
editor (which I've not used.. I'm used to generating nec decks) and a 
fair number of display and output options, as well as a variety of 
optimizer engines.

If you license a copy of NEC4 from LLNL, 4nec2 will use it, which is 
what I do.

EZNEC is also very popular. There's a free trial version with limited 
size capability to get the feel of it.  It basically uses the NEC engine 

I'd stay away from any of the MiniNec based tools. They were great in 
their day with limited computational resources, etc., but today, there's 
no reason not to run something with the full code.

As you probably know, modeling is as much art as science.  It takes some 
time to get the hang of building a model that has enough detail, but not 
too much, and to understand the limitations of the model.

Jim, W6RMK

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