[TowerTalk] Antenna software

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 6 11:33:04 EDT 2008

jimlux wrote:
> Scott MacKenzie wrote:
>> Simple to use and reasonably accurate - and free is MMANA 
> I'd stay away from any of the MiniNec based tools. They were great in 
> their day with limited computational resources, etc., but today, there's 
> no reason not to run something with the full code.

I would add, though, that probably the most important part of a modeling 
tool is the user interface. You need to be comfortable entering YOUR 
antennas and looking at the data.  Teri's interface is fairly facile, 
and they've modified MiniNec to overcome some of the more egregious 
limitations. OTOH, some of the features they tout (current sources) are 
also available in just about every other tool as well (except working 
with bare NEC decks).

In reality, the accuracy issues between flavors of modeling codes are 
unlikely to be the determining characteristic at first.  By the time you 
can appreciate the errors, you'll know enough to make a choice based on 
your own preferences and modeling style.

Warning, modeling is addictive.  There is a tendency to sit inside on a 
fine day running models, when more might be accomplished by climbing 
ladders and stringing wires.


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