[TowerTalk] Durable Antenna Supports on the Tower

Joe - WDØM joe at wd0m.com
Mon Sep 8 14:54:36 EDT 2008

If you're like me, you're always interested in some durable antenna 
supports to put on the tower so you can hang your inverted Vs and Ls.  
I've tried metal poles, wood poles, and fiberglass poles - even resorted 
to using the remnants of my SteppIR tubes when I installed the new 30/40 
driven element.  The SteppIR poles weren't made for it, but lasted 
almost 2 years before one snapped.  That at least shows how strong they 
are, holding up baluns, coax and wire in a horizontal mode.

Well, it finally hit me that some military surplus fiberglass poles 
would be super heavy duty and last WAY longer than the other stuff I've 
tried.  Although intended to be used as a vertical antenna (push up 
mast) support, these things have a 1/4 inch wall, and are very strong.  
So, I ordered some, and installed them on the tower.  Thank goodness for 
Al's (NN4ZZ) TiltPlate mod and the 1/2 inch drill mod to make it easy to 
raise and lower the tower!

The results are what I had hoped for!  Details (and one source) are on 
my web page ( http://www.wd0m.com ).  Click on "New - Durable Antenna 
Supports" at the top of the page....these things should last a very long 
time, are not conductive, and give me room to hang antennas at a 
considerable distance from the tower.


Joe Hannigan - WDØM
Pagosa Springs, CO


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