[TowerTalk] small Rohn parts

Mike nf4l at nf4l.com
Tue Sep 9 08:26:08 EDT 2008

> I called Rohn today and asked where to buy their small parts such as U-bolts and palnuts.  They said they had a $300 minimum charge so good luck.  I asked them if any of their dealers specialized in small part sales and the Proj Manager did not know.  I have a Rohn 45 rotator plate AS455 which I have misplaced the 6 U-bolts.  I cannot find the exact size in McMaster Carr and none locally.  Does anyone know of a Rohn parts dealer?  Texas Towers said they only sell what is on their web page.  
> Stephen L. Sala (Steve) K7AWB Nine Mile Falls, WA DN17es
If you can't find them at any of the above spots, U-bolts are fairly 
easy to bend from a length of all-thread rod. I've used stainless steel 
from Home Depot.
Mike NF4L

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