[TowerTalk] rooftop mount advice needed

Alex Malyava alex.k2bb at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 20:34:31 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I am going to put a pair of 40m/20m inverted vee's on top of my two family
house and I need an advice regarding support mast and mount.

The house itself is big enough for 40m Inv V and the peak of the roof is
about 30' above the ground.
I think I can put 6..8' long plastic mast in center to get more or less
acceptable diagram ( at least MMANA model says so :) )
Since that is two family house I need to convince my neighbors (pretty good
people) that i would not damage the roof...
Well, how do I secure the bottom of the mast without any nails/screws? I
think I've seen some roof mounts in HROs/QSTs, but I could not find any. The
only one ad I found is for flat surface, not for vaulted roof.
What do I use for a mast? Is it enough to use some random 3/4" extension
from painter's department in home depot or I better use those 2" military 4'
long masts?

Alex K2BB, in "no towers permitted" Fort Lee, NJ

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