[TowerTalk] U Bolts for Rohn 45 from 3rd party

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Dick Green WC1M wrote:

> Try Hill Radio: www.hillradio.net


In 1997 I purchased 40 U-bolts from a local fastener company. I looked
through their manufacturer catalogs and found: Chicago Hardware & Fixture
Co. 9100 Park Lane, Franklin Park, IL 60131. PH: (708)455-6609  FAX:
(708)455-0012. They made a 1 /4-20 U-bolt for 3 /4" pipe size - galvanized.
It is a snug fit and you usually have to tap the u-bolt a little to get the
threads around the Rohn leg. There is more space above the threads - a
perfect fit, there. Granted, U-bolts don't appear to be applied that way in
most applications. They often have a lot more play in their application.


We have used these to change out all of them on the rotator plates and used
them for other things. I think we still have a few left. In 1997 they were
1.50 each. They special ordered them for me and I paid 20.50 for freight.
Obviously, you may end up paying more for freight than the bolts (though you
have ground freight) if they are willing to order them in and it meets their
minimum order (if any).


It is an alternative.


Kimo Chun, KH7U

One of the crew at KH7X (station of KH6YY)

Multi-Multi station



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>> I called Rohn today and asked where to buy their small parts such as 

>> U-bolts and palnuts.  They said they had a $300 minimum charge so 

>> good luck.  I asked them if any of their dealers specialized in small 

>> part sales and the Proj Manager did not know.  I have a Rohn 45 

>> rotator plate AS455 which I have misplaced the 6 U-bolts.  I cannot 

>> find the


If you have a "fastener" company near by take the plate in as ask for some
galvanized U-bolts to fit.

You might even find them at the big box stores. These bolts are not
individually under a great deal of stress so even ungraded should be strong




Roger (K8RI)

>> exact size in McMaster Carr and none locally.  Does anyone know of a

>> Rohn parts dealer?  Texas Towers said they only sell what is on their

>> web page.


>> Stephen L. Sala (Steve) K7AWB Nine Mile Falls, WA DN17es




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