[TowerTalk] 7/8" hardline, Best way to ship?

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 10 23:16:10 EDT 2008


I have a 150' length of 7/8" hardline, (Cellflex by RFS)  that I may need to ship, California to Minnesota.  Problem is it
is not on a spool, but an "Air Core, 10 turns jumble wound, (with binding straps, keeping it together.. about 5' in diameter.  Actual weight,  about 45 lbs.  What is the best vendor/way to ship, ground?  UPS, Truck/Motor Freight? , Fedex?, DHL?  Would I have to wrap/package it, protecting from heavy/crushing blows,  kinks etc?  It may not be practical, to ship, but I dont know that yet....If not practical to ship, I would be happy to supply to a needy ham in Northern California..

All the best,

Pat Barthelow   (916) 315-9271; aa6eg at k6bj.org

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