[TowerTalk] Log Periodic Choice

Mike nf4l at nf4l.com
Fri Sep 12 16:16:39 EDT 2008

Richards wrote:
> But how will all the SteppIR control equipment react to a large surge
> from a nearby strike?  I would worry that the control box would puke
> if it received enough static from a big strike either on the tower, or
> close enough to induce big currents or voltages or whatever they
> induce in the control wire on down to the control box.   Wouldn't a
> plain Jane Yagi be more durable in that regard?
> =================  K8JHR  =======================
The *ONLY* way to totally protect the equipment is to leave it on the 
dealer's shelf. The controller can be disconnected like everything else, 
altho I don't.

I think a strike such as you envision would destroy more than the 
SteppIR controller. You do what you can in the way of protection, then 
buy insurance. And knock on wood. I've suffered more wind damage than 

73, Mike

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