[TowerTalk] (no subject) Vertical Antenna Instead of Tower Decision....

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 09:39:09 EDT 2008

donovanf at starpower.net wrote:

> 2. Accelerate your tower installation.
> Its not obvious why a tower installation  must take 6 months.  Have
> you cansidered alternatives to accellerate this job to 60 days or
> less?    What are the major components of your installation
> schedule that you could accelerate?  Which ones do you perceive as
> being impossible to accelerate?  This is the option that will give
> you the really big performance improvement, if you choose the right
> antenna...

I had much the same question. From the diagram you already know where 
you want the tower.

What type are you considering? Is there a big lead time on delivery?

If you choose something like Rohn 25 or 45 it will need to be guyed 
which poses challenges of its own in some locations.

Tim, N9PUZ

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