[TowerTalk] CrankUp LM 470 Tower - Help...???

Al Williams alwilliams at olywa.net
Sat Sep 20 11:28:29 EDT 2008

I did not use the ears on my two LM470 towers.  Instead I added two pulleys, 
one at the tower and the other at the top of the tilt fixture.  This gave a 
pulley advantage of three rather than one and made it a lot easier to crank 
up.  This is the configuration that US Tower uses on their 70' crankup.  I 
was apprehensive about undoing the cabling and rerouting it and then hoping 
that the winch clutch would work properly on the first tilt lowering. For 
those unaware the winch does have a free wheel mode that can cause the tower 
to freely fall.  I know as it happened to me but I managed to grap the winch 
handle and stop it.  The winch clutch mechanism requires a load to "latch? 
the clutch.

Besides that concern, there is no pulley advantage when using the 
ears--maybe it doesn't need any advantage?


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> If you have a TriEx LM-470 or the Tashjian copy of, then I need your help.
> On relocating the tower I need a new RCB-70LT (Rebar base with mounting 
> ears). I placed an order with Tashjian last May and still no shipment from 
> Tashjian. I've been toldand went to the top of the list many times that I 
> was next on the list and even given shipping dates that were pure 
> stories..
> Finally in July I was told they were over their big government contract 
> and ready to do Amateur Radio stuff. A month later I was told NO they had 
> to do some big commerical orders that just came in and hopefully I would 
> have the base before the year is out...
> At his point I asked them to send me the three ears and I would have the 
> frame welded up locally. ( I have all the detailed prints) No!  was the 
> answer they don't do that because when they did they got into trouble.
> So now I thinking about talking to a machine shop/metal contractor and let 
> him build the frame.
> Here is where I need help, if you have digital camera and a LM70 tower 
> would you please go out and take some close up pictures of the base mount, 
> so the contractor can see the relationship between the 
> base/tower/tilt-over-frame. A couple of shots with various angles would be 
> great...I don't need the tower tilted or anything just the three ears 
> bolted together etc.
> Thanks,
> -Bill
> Kc4pe at bellsouth.net
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