[TowerTalk] My Digging "the Hole" story

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue Sep 23 02:40:38 EDT 2008

Cute story - I am amazed how many guys are afraid to spend
some of their hard earned brass.   I guess I am fortunate my XYL
helped me select my HF rig, a TenTec Omni VII.   Although she did
not understand all the specifications, she was in on it anyway - She
really liked the look and took my word on the technical issues.

She also helps me plan and raise all my antennas out back.  The
only restriction she has imposed so far is I cannot poke holes in the
roof - but a 60 foot tower is OK !

I would like to know how you would sneak a tower into the back yard
and what whopper you would tell the XYL to make her think it was either
a gift, or maybe that it really belongs to the govt or a local radio 
and they said you could use it, too...  !             ;-)

========  Happy trails and 73 to ya.  -- K8JHR  =========


John Hudson wrote:
> I thought that is how you get the new rig past the XYL (guard).... one piece
> at a time and rebuild it in the shack. Another reason for the rebirth of
> kits!!!
> When the UPS man delivered the Orion the XYL wanted to know what was in the
> box.. and my reply was "WHAT BOX" as I entered the shack, locked the door
> behind me and turned the lights now real low before I opened the box. I had
> to carry the pieces of the box out a little at a time to the trash.

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