[TowerTalk] My Digging "the Hole" story

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Does your wife have a sister?

73, Jim

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> Cute story - I am amazed how many guys are afraid to spend
> some of their hard earned brass.   I guess I am fortunate my XYL
> helped me select my HF rig, a TenTec Omni VII.   Although she did
> not understand all the specifications, she was in on it anyway - She
> really liked the look and took my word on the technical issues.
> She also helps me plan and raise all my antennas out back.  The
> only restriction she has imposed so far is I cannot poke holes in the
> roof - but a 60 foot tower is OK !
> I would like to know how you would sneak a tower into the back yard
> and what whopper you would tell the XYL to make her think it was either
> a gift, or maybe that it really belongs to the govt or a local radio
> station
> and they said you could use it, too...  !             ;-)
> ========  Happy trails and 73 to ya.  -- K8JHR  =========
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> John Hudson wrote:
> > I thought that is how you get the new rig past the XYL (guard).... one
> > at a time and rebuild it in the shack. Another reason for the rebirth of
> > kits!!!
> >
> > When the UPS man delivered the Orion the XYL wanted to know what was in
> > box.. and my reply was "WHAT BOX" as I entered the shack, locked the
> > behind me and turned the lights now real low before I opened the box. I
> > to carry the pieces of the box out a little at a time to the trash.
> >
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