[TowerTalk] Tram Pulley

Dick Green WC1M wc1m at msn.com
Tue Sep 23 23:21:15 EDT 2008

If you use EHS or wire rope for tramming, you should use a pulley or trolley
with steel sheaves. Plastic sheaves can be cut in half by a steel cable.
Aluminum sheaves are too soft and can be grooved or broken.
Here's what I use:


Best price I was able to find is here:


This trolley will work with a rope, too.

I like the trolley configuration because it provides a large effective
diameter. A steel-sheave pulley with equivalent diameter and breaking
strength would be very expensive.

73, Dick WC1M

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Tram Pulley
> I am looking for a pulley (available online?) that I could use for a
> tram.  I'm going to use it to raise a couple of medium-sized yagis up
> to the top of my tower.  I haven't been able to find much around my
> house at the hardware stores and was hoping someone could make a good
> suggestion based on their experiences.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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