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Have you considered using a few snap on ferrite cores on the end of the  
matching sections where they connect to the driven element?
Gerald K5GW
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Hello to  all on the List. I decided that I needed to join the list since I 
have antenna  questions and this is where the knowledgeable hams, regarding 
antenna things,  hang out.

I am ready to install my 2 element, five band Cubex Cubical  Quad on my tower 
and have been anguishing over whether to install Choke baluns  for each band.

I am feeding the quad with separate coaxial matching  transformers for each 
band supplied by Cubex.

Question: How many of  you, using Cubical Quads feed them directly with Coax 
cable and how many of  you install a balun  and what type? Since I am feeding 
each, of the five  elements, separately, if I use the unbalanced to balanced 
device such as a  Choke coil, five separate  choke coils (baluns) would be  

For those of you, who have fed them both ways, what actual  differences have 
you experienced in quad performance with and without the  balun?

I spoke with W5ZR, this morning, at the Hammond, Louisiana  Hamfest about 
this subject and he recommended going with direct coax feed  without the 
unbalanced to balanced device. He has two large quads and is happy  with the manner in 
which he feeds them.

I am not into "knat's eye  performance", I just want the quad to perform 
well. I also don't want to build  any problems into the array due to the fact that 
it will be at least 75 feet  on a fixed/guyed tower.

For those of you who received my earlier query  about resonant freq with the 
20 meter antenna wires two feet off the ground, I  learned that the 20 meter 
element is resonant at 14.000.00 mhz that close to  the ground according to my 
antenna analyzer. I am pleased with that resonant  point because I know the 
resonant point will rise, as the antenna is raised to  75 feet, and the ground 
capacitance diminishes.

If this topic, (balun  fed quads) has been covered previously, I would 
appreciate it if you would so  direct me to the archives. Your knowledge, based upon 
your experience, will be  greatly appreciated on this subject (balun feeding 
quads). Thanks and 73,  John, K5PGW


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