[TowerTalk] Springs for erecting loops nd dipoles

Fred Mott fredmott at zoominternet.net
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I would use a pulley attached as high as possible in the trees and have the
rope attached to a weight that will supports the antenna.  I would think
that with the correct weight you would not need any spring.  You could use a
combination of pulleys (increased mechanical advantage) near the base of the
tree to increase the force of the weight.  I sure you could find someone to
climb the tree(s), I would hire a tree trimmer to climb the tree.  Fred,

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Has anyone found an appropriate spring for protecting dipoles when the
supports such as trees sway? Maybe a name hardware supplier has such a

I am going to use Dacron with a strength of about 750 lbs, to suspend the
wire antennas, and would like to be able to pull the vertical loop and
dipoles strung between trees taunt and at the same time protect the antennas
from breakage. I am sure the rope is much stronger than the copper wire that
will be used.

The spring must be strong enough to hold the antenna taunt YET give enough
to protect the antenna.

I am going to use old water hose on the Dacron where it goes over the limbs
to prevent scuff damage to the Dacron. Also, I like the idea of using a
weight on the tail of the Dacron near the earth to allow movement of the
trees without breaking the Dacron. The weight can be judiciously selected to
keep the antenna taunt and still provide give for the line.

Your suggestions will be appreciated. 73, John, K5PGW


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