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>  Looks like a fairly spindly pole. I would be concerned that  adding guys 
would increase the compressive load in the pole, which might cause  it to 
bend out of column and fail.  I would think that two sets would be  better 
than one.Do you have any specs for the pole which might list a max  downward 
load? You need to make sure the load added by the guys does not  exceed that. 
Of course, the wind loading added by the guys might be  significant as 
well. The correct answer is to get some engineering  done.
    As always, good advice from Tony.
    OTOH it's only a moderate load but of course the  big question mark is 
the capacity of the pole. Tony's talking about full  tensioning - you could 
add guys with very little tension. That way they'd act  as more of a tether 
without exerting much in the way of compressive force on  the pole. Since 
it's designed to be a self-supporting pole, it'd be the  belt-and-suspenders 
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