[TowerTalk] Powder coat or galvanize - tree mount fixture

wland wland wlanddx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 11:22:48 PDT 2009

Hi all,
I am currently engaging a steel shop to build a swing gate to side mount a
 yagi to a large tree. This will comprise the rotor shelf/top plate for the
 as well as the vertical steel plate(with torqe distributors) to lag bolt to
the tree .
 There is a swing gate as well.

 Something like the BM1/RM16 in the link as below, except that it is
customized for a tree

It should also work for this configuration ( see picture #2), except that
the rotor will be inside
the contraption and the swing gate is not needed, but can be replaced by a 2
inch stub pipe.

Now i was offered 2 choices:
 a) Galvanize
 b) Powder coat

 Galvanize - Is expensive, since the galvanizing firm has a fixed minimum to
   write up an order. But i know is pretty durable.

 Powder coating - I was told by the steel shop that it should be relatively
   in expensive. I don't know much about the durability of this method.

 I am leaning more towards the Galvanizing.

 Any suggesitions , please fire away?

 callsign with held to evade googling by the HOA warlords :)

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