[TowerTalk] Powder coat or galvanize - tree mount fixture

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 11:39:59 PDT 2009

wland wland wrote:

> Now i was offered 2 choices:
>  a) Galvanize
>  b) Powder coat

>  Powder coating - I was told by the steel shop that it should be relatively
>    in expensive. I don't know much about the durability of this method.

>  Any suggesitions , please fire away?

The company I work for manufactures steel containers that are used to 
hold drained used oil filters, oil collected from "do-it-yourself" 
mechanics, and grease from restaurants. We have them powder coated by 
an outside supplier. Even with all the rough handling from being 
banked around on parking lots, shoved with fork trucks, etc. and 
living outside they hold up very well. It is really hard to chip off 
the coating.

I don't know which would be less expensive for your application but I 
believe a professionally powder-coated item would hold up in the 
weather as well as a galvanized one.

Tim, N9PUZ

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