[TowerTalk] Universal Tower questions

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Tue Jul 21 19:29:59 PDT 2009

John Kemker wrote:
> All I'm planning on putting up on the tower is a Mosley CL-33 and a 
> W5WVO-modified Cushcraft A5-50 on top of a 15 ft. 2" dia. mast, turned 
Don't forget to multiply the wind load of the A5-50 by the height above 
the tower.


Roger (K8RI)
> by a Yaesu G1000SDX.  Single run of LD5-50F out to tower with a coax 
> switch up near the top to switch between the two beams.  I *might* top 
> it off with a 10m vertical, but then again, might just put that 
> somewhere else, like on the house.

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