[TowerTalk] Mounting a Hustler 5BTV Near a house

Kelly Taylor theroadtrip at mts.net
Wed Jul 22 22:18:33 PDT 2009

There are two issues at play here: one is the absorption by the house. I
have no numbers on this, but it has to be there.

The second, and perhaps more important, is the lack of radials in that

Combined, the two will likely result in a significant degradation in RX/TX
in the direction of the house, and who knows what effect the house will have
in your only good direction.

I'd say the answer is simple: don't do it, man!

73, kelly

On 7/21/09 10:40 AM, "Jay Radcliffe" <jay.radcliffe at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have recently moved to a new home that has HOA/CC&R restrictions.
> The good news is that I got permission to put the antenna up with very
> little hassle. I am trying to be a good neighbor and was thinking
> about mounting the antenna near the house rather then the back of my
> yard.  I know this is not ideal, but the antenna would be virtually
> unnoticeable from 80% of the viewing angles if mounted near the house.
> Assume that the # of radials at are the same (20-30 between 15 and 70
> feet long) and that the side of the house is 10-12 feet tall and
> construction is all wood with asphalt shingles. The antenna would be
> ground mounted 3' away from the house on a DX Engineering tilt base
> and power would be 100W maximum.  I wanted to see if anyone has any
> experience with how much degradation in TX/RX quality compared to
> mounting it more in the clear.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jay n8os
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