[TowerTalk] Gem Quad Back in Production

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I had a couple of these GEM Quads, two ele version. The first one worked 
well but the glass spreader elements began to deteriorate after several 
years. The second one I installed I dipped the spreaders in Spar Varnish. 
The varnish kept the weather off the spreaders. They were as good ten years 
later as they were new.  The antenna worked fine. I had a ham neighbor about 
a mile down the road...we turned our antennas back to back and I tuned the 
reflector for maximum S meter dip at his station. Had great FB.


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> Lee-
> I had a 4 element Gem as my first directional antenna. I had it on a
> tilt-over tower, and could work on it from the ground. It was a bear to
> tune, and I don't think I ever got it right.  I took off 2 elements and
> sold them, and it worked better than it did as a 4L. I never had
> anything break on it, but it would get pulled out of shape occasionally
> (Florida).
> I think, without any empirical data, that the slanted spreaders gave it
> better spacing than a straight up and down spreader design. I put a set
> of 2 meter wires (fed separately) on it, and that worked really well.
> Overall I really liked it.
> 73, Mike NF4L
> Lee Buller wrote:
>> I have been always intrigued with the Gem Quad for years.  It is now back 
>> in production.  Google Gem Quad.  I've always been told that a Quad is 
>> very hard to keep up in the air due to wind and ice.  I have been told 
>> they are hard to maintain.  Anyone have any experience with the Gem Quad 
>> design and its durability?
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