[TowerTalk] lightning protection

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 1 07:24:08 PST 2009

Richards wrote:
> Is there any reason one would not want to put protective devices at BOTH 
> the tower AND the entry point?
> Unlike wearing belt and suspenders... it might be a good idea...?


But realistically, say you have a choice between two options:

Protector at tower + protector at house
Grounding Switch at house + protector at house

and they cost the same?

I think the switch+protector might be a better investment: the switch 
protects the rig when you're not using it, the protector protects it 
when you are, but not as well;There's a difference between shorting the 
input(the switch) and just clamping to 100 volts (the protector)

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