[TowerTalk] Antenna Analyzer Suggestions: Conclusions

RICHARD SOLOMON w1ksz at q.com
Fri Mar 6 10:16:12 PST 2009

I have received several suggestions as to which Analyzer I should

get. I thought I would share my feeble analysis with everyone.


AIM 4170:  While a nice bench instrument, it is not suitable for

field use. I don't want to carry around a PC with it. Besides who

can read an LCD screen in full daylight. The same goes for other

analyzers that require a PC.


AA-200: Nice and portable, BUT, the Blue on Green screen and

the small Font size bother me. I haven't had one in my hand yet, 

so if I do get to do the "touchy-feely" test I may revise this.


Palstar ZM-30: MFJ look-alike but it only goes to 30 MHz. Big

drawback for me as I also operate on 6 meters.


So, I am back to the MFJ-269. Like 'em or hate 'em, my old

MFJ-259 has provided yeoman service all these years.


That's it for now,


73, Dick, W1KSZ 

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