[TowerTalk] A3S Tuning Question

Bill Aycock billaycock at centurytel.net
Wed Mar 18 19:13:42 PDT 2009

Mike is probably right.  I was  lucky with the one I got (used) The guy who 
disassembled mine left the traps connected on one of the tubes, to avoid 
errors. (and save work)


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>I wonder if this a NEW antenna or a used one?  If this is a USED one, one
> sure way of driving yourself to drinking is to have the TRAPS in the wrong
> place.  CUSHCRAFT in their infinite wisdom does not indelibly mark their
> traps. It is remarkably easy to get them mixed up. ( HyGain used to put a
> label/tag on theirs that would last for decades). If you are not 
> sure that the traps are in the correct order and on the right element, and
> perhaps even FACING the right way, you might look at that.  Just a
> thought...  - Mike
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