[TowerTalk] A3S Tuning Question

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Mar 19 05:06:49 PDT 2009

What were your readings at the manufacturer's suggested elevation and
orientation (vertical boom?)? 


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Greetings all...

I'm checking the A3S I have presently on the new tower (work in progress)..I
have the Reflector  cranked up about 10 ft from the ground (antenna facing
up at 45 deg angle) and get these SWR readings on my AEA Analyst:

14150: 2.25
14200: 2.47
14250: 2.53
Lowest SWR below band at 13900 at 1.63

21200: 2.13
21300: 2.67
Lowest below band at 20.900 at 1.1

28300: 2.07
28350: 2.17
28450: 2.38
Lowest below band at 27600 at 1.08

Yeah..I know this will "pass"..but are the SWR(s) all lowest below the band
cause it's low to the ground...or can it be tweaked to move resonance up to
the band...The instructions just say to have it 3ft or so above ground to
check it..I have it about 10..Are these antennas tweakable (tunable)?..What
do you tweak..the driven element..or just leave well enough alone?

        Thanks Again!
            73'..Tom  N3ZC

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