[TowerTalk] Element straightness

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Mon Nov 9 19:42:15 PST 2009

Hello Bob,

As Len, W3GRF always said when asked about straight elements, "The DX will
never know the difference"!

Install it and get on the air. It will work fine.

Tim K3LR

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I am reading a thread after searching the archives from 1998 that is talking
about the straightening, leveling of elements. Some
good information here and is being absorbed, thanks to all.

I originally was searching for a different answer:

I have a TH6DXX and have just assembled it and it is laying on three
fiberglass chairs out in the back yard. It is not new, but
used. I have noticed after preliminary construction of all parts that the
end most reflector mounting bracket is bent such that the
reflector ends bend in towards the front of the beam. It is as though
someone after assembling it placed it on its end and rocked it
back and forth or something.

Do I need to buy a new bracket (diminished F/B?), it is not apparent that
any mechanical soundness has been lost in the structure of
the bracket, in other words is looks as strong as the others, it is just
bent forward whereby the ends of the reflector comes angled
forward about 4 inches at each end somehow.

Just worried about the specs taking a hit as a result.



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