[TowerTalk] M2 OR2800PX Setup Question

Bob Selbrede, K6ZZ k6zz at ccis.com
Sat Sep 12 13:15:21 PDT 2009


I need some clarification on setup and calibration of an M2
OR2800PX.  I installed a new M2 OR2800PX and followed the
installation and calibration instructions provided.  I
calibrated the system, set it to True North, pointed the
antennas True North and tightened the mast clamp. 
Everything seems to be operating fine.  However, I
discovered that it stops at 346 degrees when rotating CCW. 
Reading the manual I found I could change the "North Stop"
to a "South Stop" by entering 180 degrees into menu item P3.
 This is where things get a little confusing.  I entered 180
degrees into menu P3.  The instructions say menu item P2
should change to L194 instead of L14, and it does.  However,
menu item P1 does not change from 14 to 166 as the manual
says it should.  Also, after setting P3 to 180 and saving
it, the display changes from 0.0 degrees to 180 degrees.

The instructions for setting the system up for "North
Centered" display and operation (such as for the Hygain
series of rotators) are very scant.  So, do I set menu item
P3 to 180 and then loosen the mast clamp and swing the
antennas around to 180 degrees and clamp them back down?  Do
I then re-calibrate?  It appears the limits won't be correct
based on what menu item P1 is telling me.  Clarification on
the proper procedure to set this up would be greatly

73, Bob K6ZZ

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