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Carl km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Tue Sep 15 07:13:14 PDT 2009

Ive been more than pleased with a MFJ 259B where it has mostly been used on 
40-160M setting up vertical arrays and a HB 2/2 for 40M. It also was a help 
setting up Beverages.

I dont need VNA accuracy for those simple projects.

It was bothered a bit by BCB overload on 160 but that was a simple junkbox 


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> More Antenna Analyzers (shipping extra)
> Palomar PCM-1 RF Current Meter.  This measures RF current from 0.2-30MHz.
> Its clamp-on ferrite transformer fits over wires and cables up to 12mm 
> (1/2
> inch) diameter.  It is direct reading in three current ranges.  In 
> excellent
> condition and come with instructions and circuit diagram.  $75.
> Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst.  The pocket-sized RF1 is designed to check
> and adjust antennas, feedlines, and RF networks. It includes a
> microprocessor, A/D converters, and a low-power "transmitter" with 4 digit
> frequency readout, continuously variable from 1.2 to 34 MHz in 5 bands. 
> In
> excellent condition with manual.   Check it out at 
> www.autekresearch.com/ -
> $70.
> MFJ-731 Analyzer Filter.  Designed to null AM broadcast stations, and
> attenuate all other types of out-of-band interference to Antenna 
> Analyzers.
> This
> unit works with all brands of analyzers.  It is also ideal for any
> application requiring a low
> power band-pass band-reject filter that provides a single adjustable deep
> notch
> between 550 and 1800 kHz, while passing an adjustable range of frequencies
> 1.8-2.0, 3.5-4.0, and 7-30 MHz.  In excellent with manual.  $60.
> All other previously listed analyzers have been sold.  I have received 
> many
> inquiries as which analyzer I am presently using since I am selling (or 
> have
> sold) five others.  I have tried them all and I like the MFJ-269 for its
> simplicity and field use, but the best analyzer I have ever had is the
> Kuranishi BR-200.  The 200 model has been replaced with the BS-210, but 
> both
> are no longer easy to find.  The Kuranishi is by far the best antenna
> analyzer I have ever used and has precise frequency tuning from 1.8 
> through
> 170 MHz and is easy to tune.  The reviews on eHam are all 5/5.  The 
> Palstar
> ZM-30 tells you more than you'll ever need to know but you have to have a
> BSEE to utilize all the features and operation is not intuitive, as with 
> the
> BR-200.  So, there you have it:  I now only have two - the MFJ-259 (it is
> actually a Vectronics VEC 584B) and the BR-200.  Get one, if you find one,
> and you'll love it!  For more on high-end  antenna analyzers, check out 
> the
> 5-pages review and comparison on the top four in May 2005 QST
> http://ham.srsab.se/ww/temp/test_MFJ269.pdf
> Mike, W4UM
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