[TowerTalk] 3" Boom Joints

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Wed Sep 23 15:41:20 PDT 2009

At onlinemetals.com 6061-T6 with 2.75 O.D. and .25" wall is listed for  
about $22 per ft. This diameter will require less machining to fit the i.d. of  
the 3" material.
If the tolerances are out of phase, it might even fit with no  machining.
Gerald K5GW
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john at kk9a.com writes:

For  splices to 3 inch x 1/8 wall boom, I use 2 1/2" Schedule 40  6061-T6
aluminum pipe.  The O.D. is 2.875 and the I.D. is 2.469.   Then I have the
O.D. machined to 2.735 - 2.740.

John  KK9A

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Subject: [TowerTalk]  3" Boom Joints
From: "Andre Van Wyk"
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 17:18:22  -0600

I am planning the construction of 2 yagis, and I was wondering  about "of 
shelf" material to join 3" aluminum tube sections for very  long booms.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

de KR5DX  


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