[TowerTalk] Hygain TH-6DX

Thu Apr 1 15:59:51 PDT 2010

The manual with swr curves is on the Hy Gain site under other manuals

At 06:49 PM 4/1/2010, you wrote:
>I have opted to go the TH-6DX route due to time constraints on getting help
>and also due to the fact that I cannot afford what it would take to get all
>the other parts to make it a whole antenna at this time.
>I will have to budget for that for next year possibly or later the way my
>economy is looking here.
>Does anyone have what would be considered a normal looking swr curve for the
>TH-6DX? The TH-7DX manual has one but the manual for the TH-6DX does not. I
>have looked on Google and the only thing it comes up with is something
>called a 'torrent download' whatever that is.
>Anyway can't find one does anyone happen to have one or have a copy of the
>May 1970 Ham Radio Magazine. Someone told me there is a curve it in on the
>Bob AD5VJ

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