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> Does it  line up with any of the runways, do they have any instrument 
> approaches,  and is it public use?
> We have 360' towers within about 3 miles but not  quite in line with 06 
> approach at KIKW. They would not have been able to  put it another 
> 200-300 yards to the NW.
> I am about 45 degrees off the runway.  It is privately owned  but I believe 
> it is public used airport.  No instrument  approaches.

Paved or sod runway(s)?

If you'd like e-mail me and I'll go over it with you, but in the end, be 
it friendly advice, reflector, or web sites, the final authority is the 
FAA in relation to the airport.  More often than not, if you are more 
than 2 miles from the airport AND no more than 20' above the trees they 
will tell you to just go ahead.  Having said that, there are major 
differences between the FSDOs and the way they want to see things done. 
We have one ham who is less than a mile from the airport and not far 
from being in line with one of the runways, but as his antenna is less 
than 20' above the tree tops they told him to go ahead and forget the 
paper work, but that was *their* decision in a specific instance in a 
specific location in a specific FAA district.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)
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