[TowerTalk] Will-Burt pneumatic mast repair

David Jordan Wa3gin at comcast.net
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We have this type mast on all three of our Mobile Command Vehicles; one with
locking mast sections and two with non-locking, all about 60ft.  

The locking mast model is a pain.  If you don't understand how it works,
i.e. the locking pins which are just square nibs that ride on a .125 lip
will be worn down quickly, the nibs round off and the sections can come down
unexpectedly. These type masts require regular maintenance to remove
pollution from the outer surface, replenish compressor oil reservoir, check
metering and pressure valves, etc. These masts are NOT designed for
significant wind loads. 

Many cell companies use this mast on their emergency support vehicles.

We're lucky we have a maintenance facility nearby to Arlington County, VA.,
in Chantilly, VA. 

Communications Vehicle Services
25395 Pleasant Valley Road
Chantilly, VA 20152


These folks are experts in maintenance of these antenna masts as well as
mobile command vehicles in general. 


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Greetings to the List,
     These air driven masts are most often seen mounted in Ford one  
ton vans
equipped with TV microwave link gear.These masts will go to 40-50 feet  
guyed  with a truck mounted compressor . Does anyone on this list have  
hand experience with this type of mast? My mast extends to 100' , has
locking sections and has been in storage for 10 years or more.

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