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Bill I just spoke to Ronnie about the R65. He tells me it looks like R65
with the flanges at each 10' section but it was made for Motorola maybe by
Rohn he said it a lot easier to climb than real R65. He said if you've ever
been on R65 you would know what he means. This was the bottom 100 feet of a
400' tower that he had worked on over the years. It has a top plate and a
rotor shelf that were made for it but since they weren't galvanized they are
it rough shape. The tower it's self is in good shape as I remember the last
time I saw it. Ronnie would like $150 a section for it.

The R55 was taken down from W1YL/K4OJ QTH by us 2 summers ago. We remover
the antennas, feed lines and did a general clean up of the property. We then
strung a Carolina Windom 160 for Ellen to use on what was left of the front
tower. Using the prices you gave me sometime ago we're also asking $150 a
section. BTW there are 16 sections of the R55.

When do you expect to be back in the states permanently?


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Whatcha looking for for the Rohn 55 and 65?  65 in 20 footers  or 10 
footers?  Condx?

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