[TowerTalk] serious noise problem

Steve, W3AHL w3ahl at att.net
Tue Jan 26 13:48:20 PST 2010

If you have a portable AM radio, use it as a sniffer to locate the source of 
the noise.  The ferrite rod antennas are fairly directional.  It's not 
uncommon to have other areas of the house tapped into a circuit that is 
primarily for one room.  Anything outside that you haven't unplugged?

Steve, W3AHL
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Subject: [TowerTalk] serious noise problem

> Im sorry...A bit off topic but im at my wits end. Im getting heavy buzzing 
> noise in the broadcast band which is now unlistenable. I tried unplugging 
> everything but still noise. It only dissapears when i switch the family 
> room 20AMP breaker off at the main pannel. It totally dissapears. I 
> unplugged everthing in every room. What the heck can it be??? Could it 
> possibly be the breaker itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im 
> lost on this one.
> tony k2vi
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