[TowerTalk] 2"OD tubing inside a Rohn 25AG2

Tom Davis tdavis at whidbey.net
Sat May 1 11:33:26 PDT 2010

I have 3 sections of 25G, the top being a 25AG2.  I would like to use a
12' piece of 2" OD .25" wall 6061-T6 aluminum tubing to get a total
height of around 40'.  The antenna will be a 2E Steppir.  My question
concerns running the aluminum tubing through the top of the 25AG2.  Is
this a reasonable application?  Can I expect a lot of wear on the tubing
when not using a thrust bearing?  Will there be sufficient support for
the tubing in the rotator (a HAM IV)?

Thanks and 73,


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