[TowerTalk] Finding the highest quality PL-259 Connectors

Tõnno Vähk Tonno.Vahk at gafm.ee
Wed May 12 13:32:51 PDT 2010

I have just investigated the same topic - selecting UHF cable males.

I am a little confused as the Amphenol specs say:

83-1SP - silver plated
83-822 - TFE insulated
83-886-2050 - TFE insulated AND silver plated

Two first ones retail ca USD 4 (or 83-822 slightly more) and the last one ca USD 10!

So obvious question is:

Does 83-1SP really have Teflon insulation?? 

And what is better for ham  - TFE or silver plating?

I used 83-822 previously and was very satisfied. They are very good to solder. So why would I need the silver plating if 83-822 is very easy to install and has definitely TFE?? I would go with 83-822 not 83-1SP any time now...


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the ones marked 1050 are Astroplate....harder to solder...takes more 
heat....also watch out for the 83-1SP-15RFX, those have a nickle based 
finish and are almost impossible to solder.....be aware of differences also 
between teflon and Teflon (trademarked)....true Teflon are very 
expensive....the ones called teflon is usually polypropylene, and can melt 
easier....stick to Amphenol 83-1SP, these are silver plated and the easiest 
to solder to....

On 5/6/2010 10:30:00 PM, Fredric Serota (fserota at msn.com) wrote:
> Shopping for new connectors for my new antenna project, I am finding that
> there are a lot of different connectors to choose from. Even if one
> settles
> on (1) Amphenol (2) silver plated (3) Teflon connectors, I am
> having
> difficulty understanding which are the best ones, and which are
> knockoffs.
> The connectors from Amphenol sold through Mouser are stamped with part
> number 83-822. They are packaged individually in plastic bags labeled
> Amphenol Corporation RF Division/ Danbury Connecticut. Assembled in 
> Mexico.
> I have purchased PL-259s at a recent Hamfest from a dealer previously
> thought to be reputable, packaged individually in plastic bags marked
> "Amphenol/Connex".  The number 182120 is stamped on each bag. There is no
> identifier on each of the conectors. They feel to the hand to be slightly
> lighter in weight and have subtly different markings.
> I have a batch of PL-259s that are engraved with the part number
> 83-isp-1050. They look identical to those from Mouser, except they are
> not
> as bright, and, I suspect, are not silver plated, but feel quite rugged.
> Having spent too much money on the tower, 


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