[TowerTalk] aim 4170 accuracy

knormoyle at surfnetusa.com knormoyle at surfnetusa.com
Fri May 21 13:04:48 PDT 2010

I rescanned Jim's presentations about antenna analyzer inaccuracies.
The use of AIM 4170 information seems to be in a lot of places, so I was wondering about 
comments about inaccuracies, at higher frequencies and impedance measurements.

on page 38 of the AIM 4170 manual (may 16, 2007), they say

"Impedance: 1 ohm to 2K ohms
Accuracy: 1 ohm +/- 5% of reading up to 60 MHz
10% of reading up to 170 MHz"

Has anyone done AIM 4170 comparisons to a better instrument, for high frequency/high (complex) 
(2K ohms say, as above, or higher.)

I tried to scan around...Here's a comparison of AIM4170 and HP8753B by W0QE.

He's measuring up to 170mhz but he's not using very high impedance. He mentioned reference 
planes..is this the stuff in the current AIM 4170 that allows you to get antenna impedance at 
the end of a known coax?


He notes the issue of getting reference planes right and ends
But he seems happy with the comparison to a HP8753B:

"Other tests I have done on various antennas, filters, and components showed a very good 
agreement between the 2 analyzers.  Of course at HF the importance of getting the reference 
planes correct and the precision of the standards is not nearly as critical."



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