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 Thank you all for all the advice.

Yes, I am putting an anticlimb devise, 8' high cover, on the tower but planned to put a sign on the cover to further enhance the anticlimb feature.

The "Government Licensed ... " sounds best to me. Also, a security system is already installed and viewing the tape give cause to some concern as it is not only dears and raccoons I spot passing by. An electric fence supply is also tempting as however wants to climb probably doesn't know the difference between RF burns and the cow fence tickle. 

If somebody now is smart enough to bypass signs and anticlimb devise I hope a judge is smart enough to dismiss liability charges. (I might just sweep up the remedies and bury them far back in the back yard :-)

Hans - N2JFS




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Some funny but great thoughts.

On the serious side, if someone wants to climb your tower, all the signage 
in the world won't mean diddle.

But if someone does climb the tower, even without your permission, you can 
bet that you will be held liable (sure, the idiot who did the climbing and 
falling may get a trespassing charge) and it could be, depending upon the 
locale you are in, a quick end to your amateur radio operation for awhile 
while you figure out how you are going to pay the enormous civil monetary 
judgement against you.  And I doubt you will get much help from an insurance 
company, including ARRL's recommended one.

Make the lower section reasonably unclimable. Barbed wire isn't the answer 
but simple shields on the sides, 6 foot tall, of a fairly rigid aluminum or 
steel that are securely fastened will help. Nothing is foolproof but you 
will have to show a 'reasonable' attempt at preventing access. Signs don't 
usually cut this.

I like the sign suggested about the tower being an adjunt to a US Government 
licensed transmission facility!!!!

Don W7WLL 


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