[TowerTalk] Hardline connector selection

Dick Green WC1M wc1m73 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 12:16:09 PDT 2011

I believe the only difference between the connector types are that the L5NM
was made by Andrew and the FLC-78-50 was made by Cablewave (RFS).

After verifying that you indeed have concentric and not spiral heliax, you
should carefully measure the diameters if the inner conductor, outer
conductor and jacket, preferably with a digital caliper, then compare those
measurements with the data sheets for LDF5-50A and FLC78-50, which you
should be able to find by Googling. If the measurements are the same or very
close, no problem using the connectors on the unknown heliax you have.

I think the Andrew and Cablewave connectors and heliax products are
interchangeable, as suggested by the descriptions below, but I'm not sure. I
do know that there is a slight difference in measurements of the 1-5/8"
heliax from the two companies, such that the center pin of an Andrew
connector is slightly smaller than it should be for Cablewave 1-5/8" heliax.
That's fixable by slightly bending the center conductor tube or shimming
with some copper stock.

73, Dick WC1M

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If I have 7/8 hardline of an unknown type (likely Andrews since the guy i
got it from had tons of andrews parts) how do I determine which end
connectors to use?   

For example what is the difference between these two from Nebraska Surplus

" N" male fits 7/8" Heliax LDF5-50A or Cablewave FLC78-50. Andrew, new in
the box.

(CRF) FLC-78-50 
Type "N" male for concentric "ribbed" 7/8" Cablewave FLC78-50 hardline or
Andrew LDF5-50A Heliax. Same function as L5NM.


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