[TowerTalk] 1/2" heliax connectors

Dick Green WC1M wc1m73 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 21:28:44 PDT 2011

I've come into several hundred feet each of RFS LCF12-50JM 1/2" foam core
heliax and HL4RP-50A 1/2" plenum air heliax (light blue jacket, unmarked.) 


Three questions:


1. Will connectors for LDF4-50A fit on these cables? '


The specs are as follows:


Cable           Inner           Outer           Jacket

Type            Conductor       Conductor


LDF4-50A        4.8610mm        13.970mm        15.875mm

LCF12-50JM      4.8mm           13.8mm          15.8mm

HL4RP-50A       4.8006mm        13.843mm        15.367mm


Pretty close, but not exact.


I ask because once I had the pleasure of trying to fit Andrew 1-5/8"
connectors on RFS cable, and had to use some shims to make the center pin
fit snugly. Seems that each heliax manufacturer wants you to use their own
connectors. Is this true for the 1/2" size as well?


The air-core plenum heliax is puzzling. I've used 7/8" air-core heliax and
it required a special connector. But the Commscope site doesn't say anything
about that. They just list the same connectors as for LDF4-50. Can't find
any connectors on the web specifically for this cable. I'm wondering how a
connector designed for foam core heliax can fit on air core heliax.


2. What's the best source for compatible connectors?


3. Does anyone have compatible connectors they'd like to sell? :-) I'd take
up to 4 for each kind of cable. Maybe more at the right price.


73, Dick WC1M 


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