[TowerTalk] Care of Crank-up Tower Cable (Wire Rope)

Terrence R. Redding Ph.D. terry at oltraining.com
Sat Jun 18 12:14:51 PDT 2011

Greetings from West Palm Beach, Florida

I am getting ready to re-cable my 54 foot tower and wanted some advice.
The tower has been up for 16 years.  I have replaced one broken cable and
the main wrench in the past.  The cable that broke was the one that
supports the tilt-over.  I have noticed that the tilt-over cable has
significantly more rust on it than the original cables that came with the
tower.  This leads me to suspect that the quality of the cable from a
local wire rope and rigging company is not as good as the cable that came
with the original Tri-Ex tower.  Or possibly the original cable had been
treated with some form of preservative.

Now that I am getting ready to redo all the cables I wonder if there is
some treatment that I should be applying?  I have the replacement cable
set from Tri-Ex and hope that the quality has not suffered there over the

All comments welcome.

Terry - W6LMJ

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