[TowerTalk] KLM 13-El 2M Beam - Need Documentation

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon Nov 28 09:40:32 PST 2011

One of the guys in our local ham club has given me this beam with a 
design that suggests that it was made by KLM.  There are two driven 
elements made of tubing, with a crossover between them and a short 
length of coiled teflon coax as a phasing line. The remaining elements 
are small diameter solid aluminum mounted with feed-thrus to the 22-foot 
boom, which appears to be about  1-inch to 1-1/4 inches.  The antenna is 
in excellent shape.

I'm planning to use it for weak signal work on the lower 500 kHz of the 
band.  I'd like to know its specs, and what, if anything, I need to do 
to optimize it for that end of the band.

73, Jim K9YC

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