[TowerTalk] Question about lowering a Fold-Over tower

Wilson Lamb infomet at embarqmail.com
Thu Feb 2 07:48:52 PST 2012

Please don't do this until you can get some onsite help.  You're looking for 

As that tower gets near horizontal, the compression/buckling load from the 
cable will be LARGE, easily enough to pull out a brace, if that's where you 
hook on.  Who knows if your hinge hardware can take the load?  It might be 
enough to spin the tires of your car, if on grass.

Worse yet, if you get the least lateral displacement you will get the cable 
off to the side of the hinge/tower plane and you will then have the top of 
the tower trying to go sideways because of the cable pull being off axis! 
You can tear your hinge apart and wreck your beam in a heartbeat!

The falling derick advice is right on, BUT you have to be sure the base of 
the derick is wide enough to provide the lateral stability you need to 
prevent the off center situation above.  AND you have to secure the cable to 
the top of the derick so the derick can't slip on the cable and drop the 
tower as it gets low!  20' of Rohn 25, guyed to the sides, would make a good 

There may be other problems, but this should be enough to convince you to 
wait for some local guidance.

Good luck,

Hi Guys,
I'm going to lower a 90' Heights aluminum fold over tower with  my car
tomorrow evening.  I've done this before without destroying the  tower so
hopefully I can have another successful lowering!

My question is what is the best height on the tower to  attach my Nylon
Strap for lowering the  tower?

A few thoughts:

1) The 90' tower folds over  at ground level and has a 36" wide base.

2) In the past, I attached my nylon strap  around the tower at aprx. the
35' level and then attach a 1/4" steel cable to  the nylon strap and raise 
lower the tower with my car.

3) I keep the top of the  tower 13' off of the ground so there's room to
attach my 24' boom  Yagi to the top of the tower.  Keeping the top of the
tower 13' off of  the ground makes it easier to lower and raise the tower 
with a
vehicle than if  the top of tower was on or near the ground.  That said,
with the  top of the tower 13' off of the ground it's still quite touchy
raising and  lower the tower as only as a small movement in the vehicle 
makes a
big  change in the tower.

So I'm looking for the best strap height to lower  the tower and the best
strap height for raising the tower.  After  using the 35' height before... I
don't think that one height is the ideal height  for raising and lowering
the tower.  Since it's easy to locate the nylon  strap anywhere on the tower
I'm looking for the best height for lowering and  best height for raising.

All thoughts appreciated!


Dick- K9OM

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